I have been a health advisor, coach, personal Trainer and motivational speaker for the past 25 years. I continue to be inspired by all those who have used a passion/need or want to improved their health or life.

Corporate Wellness programs are crucial to improving the health of their workers. As adults we spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else, making it a prime place for promoting healthy changes. Companies can influence many employee by offering fitness/health programs. I can come to your workplace, give motivations speeches, train your employee's even help your HR department implement healthy habits for all!


Fitness Advisor, Trainer, Coach and Motivational Speaker!




Training, Coaching, Motivational Speaking and more.

All training programs are custom tailored to your needs. The focus is on you, your company or team, 100% of the time! No two people are the same, plain and simple! Workout plans are customized according to your unique individual profile. Whether you want to lose weight, make your posture better, enhance balance, or increase your flexibility, Au197 Training has a solution for you!

Mind Power Course

Training Mind Power Course is an eight week program designed for the person who needs extra motivation, while developing healthy habits. The MPC teaches basic principles of exercise, nutrition, posture, and other elements that will enable you to have the motivation and knowledge to change your lifestyle for the better.


Sports Conditioning

Balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength… These are the focus in Au197 Sports Conditioning Program. We feel that you should be able to use the muscles rather than just show them off.

@ Home Training

45 minute fitness training sessions two or three days per week all at the convenience of your own home! Au197 Training also work with you via email on the off days, making sure you are completing your workouts and answering any questions you might have. No equipment, no problem! We bring the Gym to You!

Together Training

Now you can never be “too busy to work out!”Au197 Training comes to your office with my mobile equipment to give you the exercise you need!


Family Fit

Kids ages 6-16 years old and their parents. This boot camp will focus on the getting fit with your family, no leaving kids home with the baby sitters, or trying to find a “good time” to workout, this is meant for families for families.  Families will learn the importance of running, proper running form and how to run correctly up hills, down hills, on trails, on roads, on gravel and grass

Jungle Gym

Now you can never be “too busy to work out!”Au197 Training comes to your office with my mobile equipment to give you the exercise you need!


Training & Coaching
Focusing on the You!

Everyone has goals, whether it is just to show up or stand on the podium. I can help you achieve a healthy life/train balance. The program will be tailored to you, everyone is different and so should your training. I want you to be successful with your goals, changing things up on a day to day or from week to week is what helps you achieve those goals. I don't just talk the talk, I am a sponsored athlete, proven coach and motivational speaker that will make sure you get to where you want to go, team, company or individual.


Aaron Usiskin

Coach & Trainer

I am old school, playground fun that focuses on the movement and use that the muscle and you will go through from day to day.

Coach, Educate and Train:

Your motor fitness was never better then when you where playing at school on the playground. Watch kids today, swing from the monkey bars, climb, crawl, sprint, play tag and do it all again with little rest. This is what Au197 Training is all about. If you want to lift weights and push machines join a gym. If you want real world fitness that will build one’s entire body and mind.

My Mission is to change the way people look at health and fitness. I uses what life throws at you. The old way is not the easiest way but it is the best way.

Doing natural exercise in a fun and playful manner but yet extremely challenging helps people from all backgrounds learn from each other in a non-discriminating environment.


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Aaron Usiskin

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